The smart microphone ICE CREAM is a new solution for karaoke, music sharing, and outdoor events. More than a microphone, the integrated blue booth speaker expanded its application scenario. Replacing the traditional separated speaker and microphone, ICE CREAM offers a portable and a less complex solution for outdoor events. By connecting to the smartphone, the user can easily sing with melody, record songs, replay the past singing, and share their songs with friends.The design concept is ICE CREAM,the UV coated finishing and curved shape,making it easy
to grab. The shape is integral,the designer has avoided any redundant design language and make ICE CREAM a natural and concise look. It is easy to use, by twisting the knob at the bottom, the user can control the volume gradually until power off. The inner-led indicator light avoids any error recordings. By rethink and redesigning the traditional microphone,the ICE CREAM brings pleasure to singing.Less complexity but more fun.

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