Forget about fridge notes, Treehole – a Bluetooth-connected audio memo is going to better deliver your message in your own voice. Inspired by the long-practiced idea of spilling a secret into a tree hole, Treehole is going to increase the bond and intimacy in your relationship. Treehole connects with an exclusively-designed application that allows user to record voice messages and send to the device via Bluetooth. With the application, user can manage voice memos and schedule the playback in just a few touch. The trunk-like design delicately conceal the speaker holes on the device. The great big oval centered on the trunk lights up to notify the user so you never miss a message. It also functions as a button to activate voice memo playback and record. Completed with a powerful magnet at the back, Treehole is more than a friendly fridge magnet – feel free to put it on any magnet surface you want. Powered by replaceable batteries, it is completely wireless and can be put anywhere as desire. Comes with various delightful pastel paint options, Treehole thoughtfully delivers your message, bringing you and your closed ones even closer.

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