A look into the future of TRUMPF’s networked manufacturing: With its authentic TruConnect visitor forum, the mechanical engineering company presents its solutions for Industry 4.0. It provides an overview of current and future opportunities. Production technology and in-house constructed materials are applied and presented in the exhibition. A media table and room-sized screens interactively demonstrate the TruConnect system and its applications to customers’ manufacturing needs.
The exhibition and lounge area on the ground and upper level are connected via a stainless steel sculpture made of multiple pieces. Suspended from the ceiling, this series visualizes the production stages from the flat triangle to the three-dimensional icosahedron.
A 500 sqm machine hall completes the exhibition. Laser, punching and bending machines attract attention. Steles and monitor walls show explanatory films and graphic illustrations for additional product information. Through glass windows from the upper floor, customers can gaze at the machine hall from the factory manager’s point of view. A transparent screen overlays the view into the hall and makes invisible processes visible in real time.

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