With the rapid development of Chinese real estate market, the sales office is no longer as simple as a place where people make their property purchases. It has been given more diversity in order to eliminate the psychological distance between the salesperson and the consumer. The “displaying space of the 3rd generation” which has integrated new ideas like “sports+” and “city’s living room” pro-posed by LUNENG Group has become a new model in this field.The project, LUNENG Mount Tai Yard 7 is located in the Haihe education park, next to the Nankai University. And it is bordered by the Haiyun College at the north. Thus it boasts an advantaged education resources and rich cultural experience. In-spired by the unique colonial culture in Tianjin and the city itself as a mixture of the west and the east, the ancient and the modern, designers thus put forward a new concept—the “New Tianjin Academic Style”, trying to combine the form of the western library with the local culture. When people entered it, they will feel like embarking on a journey of cultural experience.

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