Thialf is a world famous (speed) ice skating stadium, steeped in tradition & record breaking sport. FOCUS was the theme for the brand new stadium’s in depth vision & interior design document. For the rink, central meeting points, hospitality, public spaces etc., different atmospheres were presented by look & feel mood boards, covering physical structures, lighting, colours, materialisation & general zoning. This formed the design principles on which the complete interior design process was built upon & briefed to external partners.

The track is the main focal point, intensified with a lighting & colour plan that gradiates from light to dark drawing the spectator’s eye to the action on the track. The glass wall around the track makes an eye-catching membrane with sections of coloured blue foils to link it with the track. Records, words & phrases used only in skating, & encouraging quotes from athletes bring it to life.

A distinctive signage system with references to the cut out shapes in the membrane is used throughout the stadium. Brightly coloured panels signposting the public services with specially designed icons give the stadium a unique personality.

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