1000 m² exhibit in the power station of the former Peenemünde Army Research Center presents the history of one of Germany’s largest open area monuments. It is recognised as a historical source and received the European Nostra Award for excellence in heritage preservation. This design’s restrained formal language corresponds with that of the „Kraftwerk“ while harmonising with the original historical landmark building. Concise texts in German, English, Polish make the experience accessible to international visitors. The didactic juxtaposition of technical and social history of the power plant and the presentation of general and global historical aspects form the core of the educational message. Multimedia stations encourage visitors to explore. There are elements especially geared towards children. The exhibition is designed as a low barrier access space. Through conceptual integration of the surrounding area with the nature preserve, the visitor is encouraged to reflect upon the connection between humans, nature and technology. One importance is to develop a tourist attraction without detracting from the monument itself. A glass elevator brings visitors to the roof of the building.

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