The “Gute Fahrt” Notebook

The task: a special giveaway for particularly loyal Mitsubishi customers – as simple, practical and personal as possible and ideally something for everyday use. The idea: a notebook that doubles as a brand book presenting the core message and expectation of the car manufacturer: “Gute Fahrt” (Good Journey). For this, many pages were individually designed – sometimes handwritten, sometimes with doodles or small drawings and sometimes with pictures wildly „stuck“ in. Features, competencies, values, customer benefits and the history of the Mitsubishi Motors brand have been translated into the style of a notebook – deliberately placed imperfectly to make it personal, comprehensible and relevant. From historical milestones, to the philosophy of the company, to its self-image, everything is in it. Of course, practical items such as calendars, maps, school holiday timetables, colouring pages and license plate collections were also included. And there’s even enough space for notes from Mitsubishi customers.

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