The core idea, in this project, is present mainly by the sport, say golf, and the wonderful environment of “Grand View Resort.” The designer have an idea integrating the entire space of the resort with the local natural environment, while transforming the amazing sceneries into different forms of design in the indoor space in the meantime, the skill generating and connecting the harmonious relationship with the natural environment, and making the guests feel the fine scenery when walking along the ingeniously designed pathways at the resort. The walls and floors in the hall are decorated with a big word “G,” which represents the words, including GREEN, GOLF, GIVE and GORGEOUS, that have indicated as the image and spirit of Grand View Resort. The style of design applying the natural elements, such as mountains, has become an ingenious idea in this architecture. The natural environments and climates are present before people by installing melaleuca marbles in the lobby, the artistic concept of design skill putting together the variations of sunlight and four seasons in this resort.

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