CAFEMIO is the young coffee brand by RAUCH, a leading European beverage manufacturer. Its latest product, CAFEMIO ESPRESSO SHOTS, is a caffeine-packed boost to keep you awake when you need it most. To advertise its waking power we created a promotion specifically designed for gas stations and convenience stores in the nightlife districts of german major cities. And what better occasion was there than the longest night of the year?


To demonstrate the kick of CAFEMIO ESPRESSO SHOTS, we made their caffeine effect visual – and tangible. The label of each can features a person who needs to be alert at night: a long-haul trucker, a night watchman or a gamer. The highlight, however, was hidden in the base: The can was assembled with a tilted center of gravity that allows it to stay upright no matter how it was pushed or prodded. The clear message: CAFEMIO ESPRESSO SHOTS help you stay upright even during the longest nights.


The limited edition product sold out overnight – literally – from 21.12 to 22.22. Following this success and media attention, RAUCH plans to launch CAFEMIO ESPRESSO SHOTS in other European markets starting in the fall of 2017.

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