Anping Dist., an area full of cultural background, has now become the new redevelopment zone built with a number of modern villas. The 5-floor villa, in this case, is decorated with white wall, and stones in both grey and white such that the simple lines has present before people the modern but plain atmosphere spilling the entire area from outdoor to indoor space. The main elements of design style, in white and smooth lines, make into a unit the distinct characteristics in different areas, from the living room to the dining room and kitchen. The dining room, meanwhile, is decorated with wooden sideboard and chandelier that both magnify spatial effect and create appealing visuals in white space. On top of the colors including black, white and grey, the private space, designed on the third and fourth floor, is decorated with a number of woods that bring into existence the clear and warm life style specifically in sleeping area. With the accordant design style, the perfect life style combining quality and mechanism is displayed by means of the application of interior design.

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