We created a take away menu box for 2 top chefs known for their restaurant „Racines“ with also the paper bag.
We wanted to emphasize, on the one hand, the use of old root vegetables (such as parsnip, and many others that they serve) and on the other hand we represented the map of Italy, their origin and their source of culinary inspiration.
The brand is thus a „direct source“ to visually communicating their main message.
A kraft support was necessary to convey the artisanal, organic and homemade qualities. Starting from the circular shape of the restaurant logo, we transformed it into a vegetable & roots, next to a vial of oil and fresh herbs.
This vegetable form plunges its roots, delicately into the earth to form the map of Italy. Firenze, Capri are pointed: cities of our 2 chefs.
This graphic game with the roots continues with the bag, developed in parallel, where on one side the roots extend and form the handle of the bag. (It’s like holding the vegetable by the root.) On the reverse side, we find the same map of Italy.
In the box, a recipe card containing iconic hand-made.
A concept that highlights their maxims: „Take care of your happiness, from the head to the Roots.“

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