The A+I project is a 5 storey building of 1500 sq.m. and structurally study to en-hance the life of the world’s builders from builders.
This via the maximum use of natural light gained by the demolition of two slabs and critical beams as well as the creation of a circulation flow that propels the inte-raction of each disciplines, and between the practitioners to ease the collaboration of Urban & Landscape Architects, Architects and Interior Architects at work.
The other challenge related to this very local market was to be environmentally conscious and active, we did so by the use of recycled wood applied on the fea-tured „monumental“ meeting rooms on cantilever, taking two levels-up and creat-ing a remarkable view from the first floor and from above.
The entire building office has been thought to stimulate not only the communica-tion, but also the creation of the users with tools exclusively required for these noble spheres & crafts which we can particularly see in the bespoke basement con-ceptualized for workshops and spare time.

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