Thai Joy music restaurant design inspiration comes from the blend of the then popular architecture and decoration style of the era of the fifth emperor of Bangkok, Thailand, and simple European and Thai style traditional symbols and colors. White European appearance and Thailand’s “fifth emperor Council” have equally satisfactory results, making it stand out from the surrounding architecture. Architectural elements are used smartly, creating its unique aura. The use of carbonized pine material can be seen everywhere in its exterior and interior structure, making the segmented falling-away gradation style both beautiful and strong.
As the indispensable design elements of fifth dynasty, blinds design can be seen everywhere, with the displayed aesthetic state shows a comfortable and relaxing light and shadow effects. The dining area is flexibly divided, with the western dining area located in the center of the hall, and the Thai bed-frame card seat sofa and open-window private rooms in its surroundings. Inside the private rooms, the European white and peacock green are used as main tones of the wall, embellished by bouncing bright yellow and pumpkin red colors, which reduced the heav

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