The revolutionary ZEE core smart case changes everything you know about apple capabilities to all of its models
The Apple certified Case is universal and works with all Apple phones and tablets (one of the models also works with all android phones and tablets)

The case adds up to 128Gb of built in memory to prevent users from deleting photos after maxing out their iPhone memory storage (about 300M iPhones) and adding a super slim portable hard drive to your iphone

+ 2600mAh battery providing a full charge

+ Wireless charging allowing any iPhone past and future to charge wirelessly (iphone 8 users that buy a battery case would block the wireless charge capability and with the zee core smart case they wont)

+ Programable LED light – from the zee core app you can control the intensity of teh powerful 6W LEd light

All these and more are built into a super protective case that was designed to keep your phone delicate screen in one piece even after hard drops

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