Standing Proud

The Winglet is a 1:10 scaled down model of the Airbus A350 XWB wingtip that is used as a
symbol to promote Eco-Innovation and Clean Sky initiatives within the aviation sectors.

The Winglet also serves as a multifunctional iPad stand, providing a resting station for a tablet. The interlocking and asymmetrical balancing of the iPad with the Winglet displays all of today’s excellences in engineering.

The symbolic shape of the Winglet can be used for fly greener and environmental
campaigns within the corporate and travel markets to promote their commitment to a
cleaner sky. For aircraft aficionados, the functionality and emotional appeal of the Winglet
offers an irresistible opportunity to bring a precise, symbolic representation of the wonders
of the latest aerodynamic and eco-friendly aircraft wing design into their homes. In both
contexts, the Winglet can act as a vital and constant reminder of how precious our
environment is, now and for future generations.

The Winglet, aesthetically pleasing to the senses and with functionality, will stand proud as
an innovative and practical symbol for tomorrow’s advancements in clean sky initiatives.

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