This smartphone case has 6 lenses that add new perspectives to your iPhone photography. You can quickly switch between telephoto, wide-angle, fisheye and macro using the built-in slide and snap mechanism. This gives you the option to capture stunning landscapes and beautiful close-ups. Unlike clip-on lenses, ShiftCam is always there when you need a shot, and it doesn’t fill your pockets with tiny glass. It also aligns perfectly with your iPhone’s camera every time.

This durable case also keeps your iPhone safe on photography trips and everyday adventures. The shock-proof case is slim, while still adding good grip and an optional wrist strap for extra security.

In addition, it is the world first slide and snap ecosystem that comes with an interchangeable Professional lens set, with an adapter, you can exchange the 6 in 1 lens with 5 other different lenses from our Professional Lens series: 238 degrees full frame fisheye, 65mm telephoto, 16mm wide angle, 15x short range macro, and the world first 10x long range macro lens.

Additional accessories also available, such as Lighting unit and a front-facing lens unit.

ShiftCam is an all-in-1 photo & videography ecosystem.

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