For years, travelers have struggled with ever cramping conditions on commercial flights, constantly juggling concessions and personal belongings on the small seat-back tray. With the advent of media steaming, airlines are pushing away from installed screens, opting instead for free in-flight entertainment to personal devices. This requires customers to hold a device upright for the duration of their flight. In answer, Bracketron produced the Roadtripper Airplane Tablet Mount that loops a wire over the tray latch present on the back of nearly every airplane seat. Phones and tablets with the supplied metal plates can be mounted hands-free to allow travelers to reclaim their precious space. Two sets of buttons allow the magnetic face to swivel out to the desired viewing angle, and even prop up the mount on the tray if a particular flight lacks the proper latch. Turbulence-resistant anti-slip silicone pairs with six internal magnets for a firm and secure hold. This product considers the rest of the journey as well. Insert a small vent adapter, and the same magnetic mount can be placed vertically in a rental car to assist with navigation. From runway to roadway, you’re in good hands.

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