Owlstand, a minimal smartphone holder, is inspired from a standing owl on a handlebar to accompany the journey. It provides a stylish, user-friendly and secure phone setting experience on bicycle, baby stroller or any place with a bar or tube.
Owlstand is designed to function together with ‘phone ring holder’, a widely used smartphone add-on which is included in the Owlstand package. Thanks to the one-way inner hook with bird beak shape release button design, the phone can be locked firmly right after being set and can be released by one hand effortlessly. This is much faster and safer than most of other phone holders which apply grasping method. To fasten Owlstand, the nylon tie plus silicone belt solution is simple and reliable when handlebar dimension and shape are varied. In outdoor use context, Owlstand is made from strong and UV tolerated material such as ABS+PC plastic. Metal parts are made of 304 stainless steel. 4 drain holes on the side of the body to keep Owlstand dry inside out after raining.
In short, Owlstand is ready to outstand and surprise you with the stylish, user-friendly and secure phone holding experience!

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