The new VARTA Consumer LCD Ultra Fast Charger combines unique, state-of-the-art design with the latest technology and the highest safety standards. Made to meet the most demanding expectations, the Ultra Fast Charger scores with minimal charge times. The easy-to-read blue LCD display offers users a quick, handy overview of charge levels and times from every angle. The charger combines four functions: Users can charge, discharge and top up batteries and test their batteries’ current charge. The discreet, clever openings on the side of the charger make it easier to remove the batteries. An elegant frame gives the Ultra Fast Charger a premium look, while a variety of safety features – such as a safety timer, short-circuit protection, a cooling fan, temperature control and automatic charge shut-off – guarantee worry-free use. The LCD Ultra Fast Charger also recognizes cells that are too old and no longer any good.

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