Say Goodbye to Messy Cables

Charge multiple devices at maximum speed with ECLIPSE CHARGER – a 3-port USB charging station with SMART IC Technology. It ensures safe, high speed charging up to 7.8Amp for your mobile devices (up to 2.4A for USB-A and 3A for the USB-C port.

Its unrivaled cable management system holds up to 20 feet of cable without tangling or overlapping. Your cables can be fully extended for extra range, so you can charge your devices in comfort.

With its quick and easy setup, ECLIPSE CHARGER is designed to be as user friendly as possible. Compatible with most USB cables (up to 6.5 feet each), it lets you can use the cables you already own.

Designed with a capacitive touch sensor and subtle ambient light, it lets you find your cables with ease and in the dark.

Available in hard-wearing interior fabric, genuine wood or real marble.

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