– Portable charger + Powerbank: charge your batteries and mobile devices, change your power sources when you wish.
– Special „wings“ to keep your batteries firmly while walking.
– Always visible multi-color LED indication with 4 LEDs per each channel in partly transparent housing.
– Monolitic robust design with Micro-USB DC 5V/2A input and possibility to use wall and car adapters with USB output.
– Designed for excellent heat dissipation and made with fire-proof materials.
– Intelligent automatic detection of charge level and optimal current.
– Supports IMR, Li-Ion 4.2V, Ni-MH with precise charge algorithm to extend battery lifespan. Charging of the batteries AA, AAA, R123, 18650 etc.
– Quick charge with fully independent channels and 1A current for each.
– Built-in effective powerbank supports devices with charge current up to 2.5A.
– Over-discharged and sleeping battery activation function with safe current.
– Auto-detection of bad batteries and reverse polarity.
– Automatically stops the charging when complete depending on the battery.
– Short-circuit and overtime prevention to protect batteries.
– Soft-start function to avoid damage from high current.

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