TeamConnect Wireless from Sennheiser is the first go-anywhere wireless audio conferencing solution for up to 24 people that can be set up in virtually any room in virtually no time. Ease of use, Sennheiser’s trademark high audio quality and great design are supplemented by maximum connectivity letting you use your desk phone, mobile phone or your computer to set up a web conference. Designed especially for corporate conference rooms, TeamConnect Wireless seamlessly blends into any modern working environment. The formally reduced system clearly stands out from present conferencing technology through the choice of materials and shape. Crafted from glass and aluminum, coated with a matt black, high-durability lacquer system it radiates class and professionalism. With the intuitive touch sensitive glass control panel of the master unit allowing you to connect devices and control calls. Thanks to the high-quality case, where the satellites are conveniently stored and charged, TeamConnect Wireless is ideal for flexible use.

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