One audio guide for all – small, convenient and economical. The supraGuide ECO is optimised for use in museums and tourist attractions with a large and diverse audience. It provides such institutions – but also smaller museums working with a limited budget – with a ‘classic’ audio guide with excellent sound quality, intuitive operation and a long working life. The supraGuide ECO was designed specifically with these types of institutions in mind.

The supraGuide ECO is visually striking, with its extraordinary design. Thanks to the innovative two-column layout of the numeric keys and the central cursor keypad this audio guide rests comfortably in the hand and with its ergonomic curvature supports easy operation. The supraGuide ECO is available with alternative keypads with large print letters and complete Braille lettering.

The extremely energy-saving hardware and software architecture makes the
supraGuide ECO one of the most economical audio guides on the market today.

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