Clean lines and subtle curves come together to produce a smooth shape of SmartShaker 2, reminiscent of pebbles. Couples and roommates will find the discrete vibrating feature of the SmartShaker 2 absolutely indispensible. Conversely, intense vibration and panic sound of the SmartShaker 2 is perfect for travelers, college students, and people with hearing problems. Connectivity to HomeKit provides several unique features. SmartShaker 2 provides the ability to turn off the power and lights when going to sleep. It can adjust the temperature and humidity during sleep time and send alert when there is a gas leak or fire. Consumers can also wake up to music, shades opened, lights turned on and a freshly brewed pot of coffee. Seamlessly integrated with HealthKit, the SmartShaker 2 has a unique feature which uses a 6-axial Accelerometer to analyze sleeping behavior throughout the evening to improve health and quality of life. Start your day off right with SmartShaker 2.

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