GVIDO is Worlds First Exclusive Device for Digital Music Score developed by Japanese startup company.Using 13.1inch large dual electronic paper screens, the appropriate visibility and usability for performance comes together.The device does not reflect to light,and the page does not turn with the wind.GVIDO is elegant and simple.It consists of the bezel and rubber hinge which have a matching color with the screens so that you can concentrate on the performance.There are three infrared switches and you can turn the pages without noise.Its available to write or delete comments on screens using the included stylus pen.You can save up to100 layers and store 4000 music scores in the internal memory. My Library is the GVIDO service for users to manage their data.You can transfer music scores purchased from GVIDO Store.As a result of combining flexible E-paper, carbon fiber and a flat hinge, GVIDO is only 6 mm thick and 660 gm.This product was inspected and passed the shock and drop resistance and heat resistance.It can be used in harsh environments.Device has belt-shape rubber cushion on rear side, which impact the spread angle full 180degree and becomes flat for comfortable operability.

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