The hand-held EP631 broadband cluster terminal is widely used in special industries, such as public security, airports and terminals, traffic and transportation and large-scale competitions.
EP631 has a simple and streamlined shape, which appears professional. Its back is arc-shaped to help users grip he whole machine. Its bottom is level, so it can be seated upright on the desktop stably. The large-size PTT button and function buttons on EP631 improve its operator-friendliness. Its high-power speakers can convey information accurately in noisy work environment. The enclosure is made of black plastic, of which the surface is not sprayed and more wear-resistant in use. The orange emergency call key can quickly issue distress signals in case of emergency. The granular texture on the surface improve the friction of the product. Its structure is optimized with sound enclosure strength. The weight of the device is decreased, so it can be carried on the user’s shoulder, chest and waist with high-strength back clip. Its large-capacity battery can guarantee uninterrupted operation, which can improve work efficiency with various peripheral accessories.

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