SX10 with the TRC6 remote control is a cost efficient, camera and codec combined, collaboration room endpoint. It lets you turn any TV screen into a high quality collaboration solution. The wide field-of-view lens, built-in microphone and easy to use remote control is unique in the market and has been tailored to solve small sized meeting spaces. SX10 is part of Cisco’s new collaboration portfolio launching in 2014. The new industrial design language is developed hand in hand with a new user and graphical interface with the overall aim of Bringing People Together. It is designed to blend into the office environment with reduced, clean surfaces and carefully crafted details. The softly shaped power button with LED indicator gives the user a confirming status indication. The front cover of the SX10 and the top cover of the remote control are deep drawn with a slight curved surface to minimize the visual volume, build strength and keep material use at a minimum. The overall design combines light and minimalist aesthetics with a calm and inviting expression.

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