DX80 is a fully integrated, feature rich and cost optimized collaboration endpoint for the personal desktop. It serves as a PC screen and videoconferencing system in one integrated solution, simplifying the desktop and enabling advanced collaboration. The clean front with an integrated speaker and accentuated camera explains the main functions and invites the user to interact with the full glass touch screen. Along with the extended tilt function of the stand, the solution caters for ergonomic touch interaction. Whether placed in an Open Plan Office or on an Executive Desk, the prominent placed logo and functional cable management behind a hinged cover, ensure a tidy rear view. The DX80 is a part of Cisco’s new collaboration portfolio launching in 2014. The new industrial design language is developed hand in hand with a new user and graphical interface with the overall aim of „Bringing People Together“. It is designed to blend into the office environment with reduced, clean surfaces and carefully crafted details. It combines light and minimalist aesthetics with a calm and inviting expression.

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