Venus Z10 is the 5.2” premium piece of Vestel Venus smartphone family. Inspiring from uniqueness of nature, Venus Z10 blends strength and endurance with elegance. Stylish design, being slim at 7.4 mm, is comprised of metal unibody with dia-cut and 2.5D glass which creates a depth feeling thanks to its cambered section. Dia-cut application around metal frame highlights enhanced visuality and endurance at the same time. Perception of elegance ensured by the gentle light reflections of dia-cut and visual integrity is provided among all details of Z10 design. Form, colour, material and finishing choices of product create a premium impression. Blue option reflects current colour trends while black is for nobility and gold one represents the stylish side. High tech specifications and home button with fingerprint sensor create easy, delighting and secure user experience. 5.2” screen size facilitates comfortable one hand use while offering sufficient viewing area. Sanded surface finish of aluminium unibody and cambered form provide a good grip, thus Z10 feels as amazing as it looks.

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