Moto X4 is a well-built smart phone for those who are in pursuit of a fusion between technology and style. X4 inherits Motorola X series DNA: the subtle silhouette of the product is a Motorola family characteristic and highly identifiable in the market.
The handset back features 3D glass inlay with holographic film, manufactured with industry leading processes. The 3D contoured surface provides a comfortable grip to the user. To enhance the product value, a laminated film (0.1mm thick) is placed on the inside surface of the read glass. The film and pattern (0.5um thick) create a reflective layering of stereoscopic images. The film inspiration originates from the natural flowing sheen of silk and satin. The “S” pattern represents the dynamism of an ever changing environment, and meets the user’s requirement for a stylish product.
X4 sports two rear cameras, 12MP standard and 8MP wide angle lenses. The camera design detail was inspired by the mechanical complexity of premium watch faces. The detail is reinforced by the 3D pattern on the lens, emphasizing precision and quality. Time is precious, and the Moto intelligent camera allows users to capture and keep those special moments.

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