LG Electronics collaborated with DOCOMO to produce Disney branded Smartphone, “Disney Mobile on docomo DM-01K,” which boasts differentiated performance and attractive design. The company will provide the product to Disney fans, celebrating the 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse. The product is equipped with a 5.5-inch full-vision display with an aspect ratio of 18:9, providing you with a full screen that seats in your hand neatly and allowing you to hold and operate the product with only one hand. Its softly rounded aluminum metal frame and front 2.5D curved glass panel give you the feeling of luxuriousness and comfortable grip as well as the mid-premium performance with its FPS (finger print scanner) key and water-proof function. The product applied three colors which black is Mickey Mouse’s symbolic color and other two colors are loved by Japanese Disney fans and has a hologram illustration on its back that celebrates Mickey’s 90th birthday. Also, it employed nine graphic themes that signify the Mickey Mouse animation from 1928 to today, providing an appealing design to Disney fans.

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