Axon 7 Series (Axon 7/Axon 7S) is the mobile phone flagship of ZTE which locates its target user and market all over the world. Axon 7 Series brings high quality and the sense of fashion which higher its market recognition. It is designed with brilliant hardware performance and user experience.

The Axon 7 Series design is simple. Its material shows a sense of quality. It’s streamlined design, the surface of the G3 continuous curve affords user with a better feeling in their hand. The Dolby panoramic audio decoding system provides music with a stereo feeling and immersive acoustic enjoyment. AXON 7 supports 192 kHz lossless music compression to provide premium and professional quality music. The fingerprint touch guide design: the U-shaped guide in the fingerprint identification area allows users easier to find and touch the back fingerprint reader. It’s CNC-Unibody and aluminum-magnesium alloy build its structure as strong as plane wings. Axon 7S targets the future trend of CMF and tracks people’s need to build distinguished top user experience.

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