This is an entry-level wired telephone for households designed under the concept of ‘easier use for seniors.’
Though the wired telephone market had dramatically decreased due to heavy use of smart phone, a new design for telephone is needed since there still are people who are not familiar with, cannot afford the cell phone, or prefer the convenience given by the traditional telephone, it needs to offer a new design.

Bulging battery allows users to place it closer to their palms when holding it, giving a sense of comfortability and visual softness.

For seniors’ easier use, it has big and wide keypad layout, simple structure without unnecessary decoration. In addition, this design concept helps lower the price. Since it is targeting many different groups, this uses achromatic color, and natural-feeling semi-coated material, making it go well with diverse interior design concepts.

Since some seniors and children don’t understand metaphor (emoji), it uses text itself instead of emoji.

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