Moto Z2 force positions as a luxury mobile phone.
Its stylish appearance with powerful performance make it as an unlimited mobile phone.
For the color palette, moto Z2 force chose super black as a main base with fine gold to highlight the device, which makes it more distinguished.
Looking at the front, classic Motorola style with front camera, receiver and flash on the top of the screen. The logo and fingerprint sensor with home button locates below the screen.
On the backside of device, the frame is made by Aviation level 7000 series aluminum unibody with P2 level water resistance.
Compare to other matte finishing in the market, the craftsmanship is astonishing and comfortable to fit in hands. The antenna band spreads around the back of the device, which perfectly solve antenna spilt, and allows the cell phone munch more unified.
A whole unibody is crafted from a solid aluminum. The back shell is made with middle frame together, and the diamond cut on the it makes the phone more delicate. The device is 6.1 mm thick within eight layers strong structure, which makes it shatterproof and strong solid quality. It is better than ever before.

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