Nothing is more important than family and while technology has made amazing strides to keep us connected, in some ways it feels harder to stay in touch – especially with kids and Grandparents. Ily the connected family phone makes the once occasional conversations now an everyday possibility. The device and app, intelligently designed to effortlessly connect every member of the family. Ily combines an eight-inch touchscreen with a phone handset, high quality speakers and a new OS with dedicated features for family members to connect through voice, video and messaging. The device is designed to sit in the living room, kitchen, or other central location of your house. It connects to Wifi, and can replace your landline phone simply by plugging-in your phone cable. There is no internet browser so children can connect with family members safely. Designed for use in two different orientations: upright (for optimised video calling) and flat (for optimised desk or touchscreen use). The phone handset fits seamlessly into the body of the device. It is easily popped out when needed, but does not become a dominant interaction point.

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