Tele2 Russia is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the country providing services for about 40 mln subscribers.
In 2016, Tele2 Russia started selling smartphones under its brand. Smartphone range consists of several devices: Tele2 Mini, Tele2 Midi, Tele2 Maxi, Tele2 Maxi Plus.
The smartphones provide most up-to-date features and support what the brand stands for: solid products and fair prices.

All competitive companies on the market choose technical and unemotional packaging design.
Tele2 Russia smartphone packages, on the other hand, are designed in accordance with the new communication visual style. New photo style represents the brand key values – honesty, simplicity and its rebellious spirit.
Our visual style is all about people. Each person has a beautiful story. We are showing genuine emotions, open expressions, real personalities. That’s why our visuals create a strong emotional bond with customers. On the front cover of the package you won’t see the product. You only see cheerful people. Their devices are revealed only on the side of the package. This way we understand what are they so happy about. A different side of the story.

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