This flagship store for high-end gel mattresses and pillows is Technogel’s first ‘Experience Center’ worldwide. The shop is divided into two clearly defined areas: the ‘Experience Area’, where customers can familiarize themselves with the gel as a material and the ‘Product Area’ where they can test the products. The main goal was to avoid the traditional mattress store concept where mattresses are shown in long rows. For a consistent brand experience for prospective locations, the shop interior design is scalable to fit into different store sizes for more shops to come. The ‘Experience Area’ encourages visitors to explore the innovative material, to learn about the benefits and explore the brand. Through a unique interactive media installation on the experience wall the customers can playfully engage with the gel. The built-in furniture is elegantly curved with different integrated gel displays giving the space a light, free-floating feel. The product area is a curated living space featuring a center piece bed on a raised monolithic platform. Hidden inside the platform are pull-outs for other mattress models conveniently accessible when needed but concealed at all other times.

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