Super simple, super practical and super cute bag is a super storrage for anything you want to carry with you.

We wanted to make a totaly simple bag, with purified and modern lines.
We began with a framework that reminds us of the house/home and therefore gives warmth to a form. We added just one more element to our skeleton, a bag which is used to carry potatoes. Seeing them every day in use, people are accustomed to the feeling of trust towards this material, because people rely on carrying heavy things in this bags and therefore our bag got credibility for endurance. Colors on this bags has changed everything, carefully choosing the colors we have added life to our house, to the item you are carrying in your hand.

Potato bags was deliberately chosen not only for durability, but also because it gives a sense of lightness and transparency to the bag (we believe that any other material would completely close the bag, we didn’t wanted that). Transparency on the bag or as we call the walking frame, one can get impression that you’re wearing a piece of art in your hand out on the street, in a store…  all you need is add the subject to it and it becomes an exhibition (like LP, which immediately gets in frame and becomes something more).

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