Source of Inspiration:
1.When times changing and more women on-the-go, they starts to feel the shoulder bag is not enough for them and would stress their shoulder when they put everything insight. Thus, this bag would allow them to use as a shoulder bag and backpack as well, just simply change the straps direction, and you can have both now.

2.Most of fashion bags are very limited in function design and they take up a lot of space when not in use. This tote bag can be foldable like a pouch and save the space for storage.

3.Most of the durable fashion bags are made of leather, but it is not eco-friendly. So we use superfiber leather to make it lighter and it won’t stress your shoulder.

Use: When you want to Tote bag into a backpack, you can first remove the front face of a shoulder strap, the back can be removed from the side and then through the following Bow metal ,and then the two holes on the shoulder strap Pack the top of the two nipple nail down (two shoulder straps can be removed all the deduction, I just explained a relatively simp

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