What can we do with genuine leather that used for high-end fashion? The progressive up-cycling brand AZERO has started from one question.” What can we do with the remnant leather that used for products such as Marc Jacobs, Rag&Bone, John Varvatos?” Yet most of them are thrown away because it is not easy to make use of the leftovers from the final products. This is the point where our idea arose: with our imagination and designs we can bring life to these leathers. We make every pieces for you The high quality, soft touched leather often considered as “luxurious,” “expensive” and “hard-to-handle” material. But, AZERO is not. If you have a needle and thread, our paper sized leathers can be made into any items such as pencil cases, wallets, shoe cases, and so on. AZERO is very close to your life, from desk to closet. AZERO is a concept brand designed by MANIFESTO New York.However, it is not only made for designers and other professionals. AZREO products are available for A3 and A4. Each package includes 2 sheets of natural remnant leather.

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