An anti-theft backpack is an indispensable need in today’s market, especially with the growing pressure of security in cities, in transportation, and in travel. We made this backpack for the commuters, the weekenders, the family. The ClickPack Pro’s triple anti-theft security system will secure users’s peace of mind. We want them to kickback, relax and enjoy their time. They can easy to use ClickPack Pro, because it unlocks or lock with one simple click action.ClickPack Pro has a smooth design with triple anti-theft protection and multiple user-friendly storage compartments. It has special slash resistant fabric, YKK double-layered explosion-proof zipper, TSA customs lock and a patented retractable wire, which allows you to attach your backpack to tables, chairs or any other spots and promise you to leave your bag unattended. It has a patented built-in USB adapter, you can put your own powerbank into the bag for convenient cellphone recharge without opening it. The backpack also includes two removable bags that could be used for bath and 3C accessories.

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