The design idea of Time Hand
When we talk about the first luggage appeared in China, it is camphor wood case. RIMOWA and Louis Vuitton, the old western luggage brands, use the same locks, handle bars and draw-bars on the basis of the suitcase.
Nowadays, all the luggage put the lock on the side. This kind of design is not beautiful, because the lock on the side looks not simple and even has a bad influence on the visual appearance.
I have an idea about the luggage lock, which is different from the others. Maybe the lock can be put on the front side. The new design of lock is named as “Time hand”. It is similar to a clock pointer and it avoid the disadvantages of other lock designs. It is easy to open the luggage by turning the bar. The luggage opens when you rotate the bar at 120 °, which looks like 5 o’clock in the morning. It means the time of sunrise.
Time Hand luggage is different from other aluminum frame luggage. With the unique design, the shape of luggage inherit from the Europe style of light and simple.
In the design of handle, the logo shows up when you pull up the handle bar. It changed a little, but small change makes a big difference.
It’s light and unique. We de

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