Rugged and lightweight this 29” (74cm) wheeled gear bag watches out for your gear while you’re watching out for the next new experience. With the increasing number of luggage thefts at airports and in-transit, the Toursafe™ EXP 29 in the new Olive Khaki colourway is the latest in secure travel innovation and works to prevent luggage pilfering, snatching and slashing. Designed for the adventure traveller the spacious wheeled gear bag stands up to the rigors of rugged travel by combining one-of-a-kind anti-theft security features with quality, durable hardware & materials such as, reinforced aluminum handles, protective rails, kick plate & corner bumpers and a laminated moulded EVA backing. Anti-theft innovations include the Roobar™ anti-theft anchor lock, which locks all zippers to a discreet, central locking device. A lightweight stainless steel cable that allows travellers to lock their bag to a secure fixture preventing thieves from running off with their bag, and interlocking zip pullers that slide and lock onto one another. The puncture resistant Toughzip™ is an essential anti-theft feature that prevents pilferers penetrating zippers with a sharp object such as a ballpoint pen.

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