Inspired by the legendary Swiss pocket knife: Lexicon Hardside represents the most technically advanced Victorinox hardside suitcase ever produced and offers the largest packing capacity for carry-on’s in premium product class. A complete ground-up development has maximized the volume that hardside carry-ons can offer – setting a new standard in molding technology within the industry. It optimizes the capacity by extending the outer walls of the cases to the furthest allowable dimension, as specified by airlines. All handles, locks and wheel housings are recessed and are flush to the extended outer case wall to reduce any loss of capacity. Victorinox has developed complex, mechanical molds to extend the corner dimensions and then retract so the shape can be removed from the mold.
All models offer a multifunctional ID tag with integrated reset tool for mobile devices, as well as a covered, external USB port for on-the-go charging. Security is provided by the dual coil zipper and the Travel Sentry approved combination lock, preventing an easy breakup of the case. Outstanding interior design with smart packing solutions and a waterproof compartment is part of the Lexicon standard.

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