Taras Shevchenko park is a small and cozy area in the center of Kiev. It
opened in 1890 opposite the National University of Kiev’s Red Building,
one of the city’s symbols that can be seen from anywhere in the park.
Today, the park is a fine example of urban landscaping and the location
of many concerts, festivals and celebrations. The park needed a logo to
put on posters and other advertising materials that would keep the
locals informed about its events.
The logo features the famous symbol of the city, the Shevchenko
monument, surrounded by the park’s trees. Individual elements of the
logo rendered in watercolor were used to create posters and banners for
the park and a winter version of the logo was developed for Christmas
and New Year celebrations. Matching stickers and graffiti stencils can
be used to transform any city object, turning lamp posts, trashcans and
bus stops into vibrant elements of park design.

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