Within the framework of a larger process of change, the Hanau public utilities company has recently repositioned itself within the local market and has now re-emerging as a regional, environmentally friendly energy provider, which is committed to and has invested itself wholeheartedly in the city. This new strategy will, among other things, be communicated via an image campaign, which takes up the new branding in a playful way and thereby aims to achieve a lasting change in how the brand is perceived by those living and working in Hanau. Above all, it was important to us to use a motif in order to create a sense of unity and belonging within the community: to move away from “the public utilities company” – and toward “my public utilities company”. This was achieved via an affectionate and warm-hearted figure with eye-catching images and low poly visuals as well as emotion evincing headlines, which ensured a high level of identification with the brand due to the use of words like “we” and “Hanau”.

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