Head-form is always the best way to display goggles. However, head-form has a lot of disadvantages, such as requiring a bigger space for displaying, special care during transportation. Head-form itself usually costs a fortune, not to mention the space to store it when not in use. The concepts of designing the X-MASK GOGGLES STAND are to improve disadvantages listed above and to bring easier and various ways for users to display goggles.

X-MASK GOGGLES STAND is a perfect lightweight goggles stand, easy to be packed and transported. Surprisingly, it requires no tools on assembling and disassembling. Just bare hands will be good enough.

As long as the flat plate and the nose protector holder are jointed, X-MASK GOGGLES STAND is ready to work. The unique “C shape” design on both ends of arms allows any strap, no matter the length, hooked to the display properly for demonstration. Now, the goggles can be watched from every angle.

In addition to “C shape” design, a unique “foot” design on the X-MASK GOGGLES STAND allows the goggle to actually STAND-UP by itself. X-MASK GOGGLES STAND can also be joined with a special designed base that gives the goggle a distinctive look.

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