Alpine skiing with a backpack means frequently unstrapping for every ski-lift, snack, camera shot, etc, a frustration for many skiers. Wolffepack Summit is a radical new backpack that swings your gear to your front without the hassle of unstrapping. Summit uses the patented Wolffepack orbital system that frees the whole bag to rotate around the body using its revolutionary super-strong cord system. It breaks new ground by combining this with full list of features ideal for the mountains. It’s a game-changer for making chairlifts easier, quicker, and more comfortable. With a one-handed flick of its ergonomic handle the bag moves to the front into the perfect position to grab gear or sit comfortably. There is no need to remove ski-poles to access the bag. It provides a solution to the endless restrapping to get to your stuff. It has in-built motorcycle-grade back protection as well as hydration bladder capability, fleecy goggles pocket, ski-carry system, SOS whistle, waistbelt and sternum strap for stability, and spaces for avalanche kit. Summit is made of high quality materials with weather-resistant textiles, waterproof zips, and a fully-padded harness with airflow channels.

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