Tools4Boards Hone Duo is the first double-sided ski & snowboard diamond stone featuring premium diamond fabric mounted on exceptionally flat precision cast aluminum alloy backer. Hone Duo allows two diamond grits to be used in progression from coarse to fine, perfect for touching up edges and removing burrs on-hill or to smooth and polish edges after filing. Unlike plastic or thinner aluminum backers the extra thick 5.5mm Hone Duo backer dampens vibration better providing superior feel and will not flex or roll over dulling the cutting surface of the ski or snowboard edge. Color-coded labels feature a distinct design language matching the grit on each side with the corresponding fabric color and emphasize Hone Duo branding. Matt textured finish provides superior diamond adhesion particularly when stone is used wet, while shaped rectangular aperture allows easy peg placement. Gentle corner radii and subtle curves provide a highly functional tool embracing a clean, minimal aesthetic. Available replacement fabric fits the Hone Duo, simply peel worn diamond sheet from backer, position and stick replacement sheet in its place.

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