File guide, sidewall cutter, base edge beveler and scraper sharpener, all reimagined in a single tool

Tools4Boards Switch RIG is 7 tools in 1 replacing 2 file guides, 3 base edge bevelers, 1 sidewall cutter and 1 scraper sharpener. Take down just enough sidewall to expose more side edge for filing using the 7° surface, then rotate RIG 180o to bevel and sharpen the side edge at either 2° or 3°. Place file on shim to bevel the base edge at .5°, .75°, or 1°. 0° surface provides a convenient fence to sharpen plexi scrapers using sandpaper.

Switch RIG makes it easy to consistently properly sharpen ski and snowboard edges allowing consumers to better enjoy their gear and overall experience

PUCK diamond discs are double sided providing two different grits and may be placed on either side of each RIG tool bar and aligned with the + symbols on the surface so exactly the full diameter of the disc contacts the ski or snowboard metal edge for maximum cutting and polishing efficiency. PUCK may be hand-held or fastened to RIG using a spring clamp and easily placed or infinitely rotated to use the entire abrasive surface. PUCK is far easier to use than typical rectangular diamond stones

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